The difference between on-site and off-site seo

The difference between on-site and off-site seo

Every website wants to get high on index in the search engine results page. There is a tough competition going on between websites to attain a good rank on Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc. Obviously, a website that has a good ranking will earn a good amount of popularity and eventually money.

Here we explain the different types of search engine optimization.

The difference between on-site and off-site seo

Understanding SEO

Search engine optimization is a method of optimizing a website so that it gains a high index ranking on the search engine results page.The optimization of your website is necessary if you really target towards a successful online business. For every website owner it is necessary to know and understand the basics of SEO. Optimization of a website falls into two categories.

On-site optimization

In this method, the optimization of web pages is doneas per the requirements of the search engines. It is not a single process, but a series of different methods of optimization. The first step of this method is including keywords in the title tag. Making the description Meta tag a short snippet of the website is also important.The page is made light enough to load faster by using optimized images and graphics. The articles and content text length should be between 300-500 words.The content of the website should be original and unique. The website should be easily navigable.

Altogether, on-site optimization is based on the process of making the website findable with plenty of relevant keywords. It also includes making a website easily accessible and user-friendly.

Off-site optimization

Off-site optimization is the method in which backlinks are gained from other websites. People often think that getting thousands of backlinks from other websites is good enough. However, this is not true.Most of the people who are new to SEO manage to get hundreds of backlinks for a single page through link exchanges. Still they lack a good ranking.

Getting a huge number of backlinks is not enough.The backlinks should be gained from good and credible websites. These websites are referred to as authority sites. Authority websites are well-established and high earning. Getting one backlink from such a websites is worthier than hundred backlinks from other websites that are not much reputed.

Search engine optimization is a science. Its basic should be learned and understood to make a website optimized. This way a website can achieve a good ranking in Google and other search engines.
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