Misconceptions About Video Marketing

Misconceptions About Video Marketing

What if you found a way to market your products and services in an innovative & hopefully effective way? What if you can engage in social media, increase popularity of your brand and at the same time, enhance your online visibility?

Every one of these things you can do with video marketing. There are two perspectives to video marketing - one is making a video to market your products and services, the second is marketing a pre-existing video. In either case, both are effective in getting your message across to your target audience, and help you to reach new customers.

Video marketing is relatively new as compared to other forms of marketing. And because it is new, there are hearsay or myths surrounding this marketing platform. While other companies are busy enjoying the key benefits of video marketing, many are still on the sidelines pondering whether or not to employ this new approach in their marketing plan.

Let’s take on the myths surrounding video marketing:

Video Marketing is pricey

Indeed, video marketing can be expensive. But it can also be affordable. There are so many video marketing companies available in the market nowadays who provide low cost videos without compromising quality. If you are a small business and you don’t have the budget, you can even produce the video yourself. You just need a webcam, or a simple video camera. Editing software is readily available for download, the majority of them free. Remember that although quality is a concern with video, the more vital aspect of video marketing is the content - it has to be engaging & innovative, for it to catch attention. It doesn’t need to look Hollywood.

Video Marketing in order to work has to go Viral

That’s a common myth. It doesn’t have to go viral although it certainly would help drive traffic to your website. What is has to do is to serve you a purpose. Precisely what is your goal in making a video? Is it to address your customers? Introduce your products and service? Improve brand awareness. Not all videos are created to go viral.

Videos are difficult to create

Depends on what you would like your video to appear like. What is it you want to accomplish? Again, there are numerous video marketing companies on the market to help you create the video you want. From content creation, to script, to lighting, shooting of the video - take your pick, they can assist you with it.

Video Marketing is for big organizations

Don’t believe that only big businesses can produce videos, even small organizations who would like to increase their market can join in. Again, your goal for creation ought to be clearly defined. If you just wish to join the bandwagon with the aim of just joining in a trend, then it’s not for you.

Videos created for video marketing should be brief

Not entirely. People can sit through an hour of video especially when during the initial few minutes, you’ve were able to catch their attention. Yes, it’s a fact that people’s attention span is smaller these days, but if you could make gripping & intriguing video, then you've got the audience’s focus to yourself.
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