HTML vs. Plain Text Email

HTML vs. Plain Text Email


Emailing is a new tool for promotion. Business owners are sending emails to customers to inform them about their products and services. This way they are able to generate a number of leads. These emails are plain and simple, talking about the company’s products. However, a new way of emailing has come up in the recent years. HTML emailing is method in which you can send a HTML page as an email. It is very attractive and full of relevant information. Most of the companies now base their promotions on HTML mails. Let us discuss some facts about this new trend. 

HTML vs. Plain Text Email

HTML messages

HTML messages help in text formatting, multiple columns, images, etc. They also help in brand recognition. Today, most of email programs (around 95%) support emails in HTML format. Only a few of outdated clients are unable to display HTML messages. The compatibility rate will increase soon and there would be just a few computers left without HTML email support. You can vouch on the factor that most of your customers will be able to view business promotions mails in HTML.

Unfortunately, most of the hacker format spam emails in HTML. Hence, it is very difficult to differentiate between a requested email and a spam message. The span filters available in today’s market are highly sophisticated. They tend to block HTML mails since most of the spam today is in this format. Official, formal and personal emails are generally in plain text and therefore pass easily through barriers of the spam filters.

Experts in the emailing business recommend avoiding HTML emails as much as possible. According to them, the rate of delivery failure of HTML emails is greater than plain messages. A study shows that 1.15% of plain text emails remain undelivered while 2.3% of HTML messages are lost in transaction. It is also a fact that plain advertising messages are 15% less read than HTML messages. Moreover, the HTML messages are bulkier than plain text.

Most of the email client programs pass on these messages to the junk or spam folder because of their size. You should keep your HTML message limited to 24KB. You cannot format text message as much as HTML. However, you can make a plain text clear and precise.

You can capitalize the headings of the email. You can choose a different color for it. The things you want to stand out can be highlighted using capitalization and font coloring. Always remember that too much of capitalization is also harmful to the readability of the email. You should also not exceed the width of the email more than 65 characters including spaces. 

Always use a hard return after every 60 characters. You can use any text editor to format you plain text email. Although, most of the email clients today include text formatting tools. You can choose between the two types of promotion related emails according to your business. After all, if you are able to attract your customers, you will be in profit.

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