How to Use Your Blog RSS Feed to the Utmost

  How to Use Your Blog RSS Feed to the Utmost

As most bloggers know, RSS feeds are extremely important. This is often how readers receive and read the content a blogger posts. If you are a marketer or blogger, these simple tips will help you make the most from your blog RSS feed.

Every time you make a post on your blog, it gets updated in the RSS feed. Visitors to your blog should have the option of subscribing to your posts via RSS feed. They will then get updates and read your latest posts on an RSS reader such as Google Reader, which is currently the best RSS reader available. This is a point you should make note of on your blog by showing your new readers what reader they should use and how to use it. This will help if you are attempting to attract a large customer base, especially if many of them are not tech-savvy.

 How to Use Your Blog RSS Feed to the Utmost

Not that Google Reader or any of the other readers are really that hard to use, it's just that often people are hesitant to try something new, especially if it sounds or seems complicated. By pointing out how it's really not that complicated, you stand a better chance of getting your readers to subscribe.


Feedburner is an excellent tool that should be used on your blog. It can help you track analytical data and stats on subscribers and activity. You can track stats such as how many people subscribe to your site, what reader they are using, click-throughs and other sites and services that may be using your RSS feed.

For blogs that have multiple categories, you should set up a categories feed. That way, subscribers can opt in for the feeds they want and will only receive content they wish to receive, making it more likely that they will not unsubscribe due to receiving unwanted content.

You should always subscribe to your own feed. This enables you to check for problems within the system as you will be sent the same content that your readers will see. This should be basic knowledge but you would be surprised at how many bloggers don't subscribe to their own feeds.

You should integrate with Twitter and Facebook for added exposure and marketing value. By using a simple program called Twitter, all of your RSS feed posts will be sent and posted to your Twitter account. Networked Blogs is a good app for Facebook and it essentially does the same, all RSS feed posts will be sent to Facebook and published on your page.

Many bloggers make the mistake of only posting an excerpt of their actual content on their feed. This way the reader must click on a link and visit the actual website to read the rest. This is done mainly for marketing purposes but this can cost you many readers who don't want to visit external pages. Instead, encouraging linkbacks from other bloggers will help you keep your readership and will ensure you remain credible among your readers.

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